Our Background


Information and Communication Technologies are recognized as a powerful tool for socio-economic development. ICTs are known to have brought tremendous welfare to people in terms of better access to information, job creation, Self employment and enhanced all the sectors in Bangladesh. Today, the adaptation and usage of Information and Communication Technologies is increasingly being linked to the national economic development and subsequent human development for the countries of the world. Countries are using ICTs to participate in the international economy, to exploit emerging technologies for the betterment of their citizens, to modernize institutions and markets. Bangladesh, like most developing countries, recognizes the potential of ICTs as an unprecedented lever for economic emancipation as well as an enabler for poverty reduction and human development – both of which are of equal importance. Internet has revolutionized the way all walks of society communicate and access information. People all over the world have started to realize the benefits of embracing the technology for conducting their day-to-day business.

Keeping in mind on the about context, a group of highly qualified & experienced management and IT specialist, in the beginning of 2014 Open IT was established with the primary goal of providing first-grade quality service and take a leadership role on Information Technology market. This establishment will be a limited company and the groups expertise lies in information technology; not only business  providing exceptional services but its efforts in which encompasses application support, training, system design and database administration as well as complex endeavors such as feasibility study, Web enable software development, data processing, hardware and network solution etc.

In some instances, our sizable staff helps our clients to pick their peak workloads, allowing them to focus on the operation of their day-to-day business. We work individually with our customers, try to get to know them, and understand their needs. We are regularly challenged to undertake a variety of unique projects that we accept, work on with great care as a work of art, and deliver the end result to the satisfaction of our valued clients. We are a customer focus institute and try hard our best to make them smile.